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Venus and Jupiter Aspect – Connection Through March 2014

Filed in News by on November 22, 2013 • views: 2364

There is currently an opposition between Jupiter and Venus in the sky. These two planets are both “givers” in that they give things we want in life. yet the things they give are often at odds with each other.

Venus and Jupiter Aspect – Connection Through March 2014 – VIDEO

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For example:
Jupiter is related to higher teachings and things that give our life meaning and hope beyond the things we want to possess and enjoy in the moment – things such as physical pleasure and other people. These Jupiter things take the form of children, teachers and deep life teachings. Those higher teachings evoke parts of our being that are Jupiter_Venus_Connection_Until_March_2014_-_YouTubenot necessarily interested in short-term happiness and pleasure.

Whereas the joys and pleasures of life are related to Venus. They take up a lot of our time and energy as well. Relationships with all people and all of the desires we want to fulfill in this world come from Venus. Yet, Venus comes after Jupiter in the planetary order, because all of those high, abstract principles and teachings need to be connected to other people and need to be a source of joy and bliss (Venus).

You may be feeling a pull between satisfying your desires / partners and your higher purpose at the moment as Venus and Jupiter are getting very close to an exact opposition.

Between now and March 2014 these two planets will be facing off, in the Gemini / Sagittarius axis – the axis of “Belief” and “Testing our Belief”. We should all prepare for some major shakeups and re-calibrations of the relationship paradigm real soon.

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  1. A. Irie says:

    Yep, I’m feeling the Venus – Jupiter conflict as well. Part of me is excited about this new business opportunity that I have committed to for the long-term,

    but I’m also scared of reaching out to people and “selling” anything (myself, services, products), even though I know that people need what I offer.

    Plus, the Venus side of me just wants to relax and enjoy life, instead of working one job and building a business at the same time.

  2. maria says:

    Interesting! Two persons m+f, both with rahu in 12 house gemini (together with Mars & Venus) would this a be particularly significant time for them & their relationship?

  3. IamMe says:

    Why should this constellation last till March? This doest make any sense. Venus is a fast moving planet and only stays in one sign for a few weeks.