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Venus Jupiter in Cancer Through June

Filed in News by on June 7, 2015 • views: 69185

Venus Jupiter in Cancer Through June
Through early July Jupiter and Venus will be joined in cancer. Although this can create some complications in romantic relationships, for those with spiritual practices this can be an incredibly devotional time.

Venus Jupiter in Cancer Through June – Video


Venus is the planet of beauty and appreciating it in all its many forms. The experience of beauty makes us happy and gives us joy. As my guru Amma says, “we are here to be happy, but happy for no reason”. Meaning,  our true nature is the source of happiness itself. When we find that source within, we have no “reason” to be happy. Because once we need a reason to be happy, there will be millions of reasons to be “unhappy”.

The counterfeit version of this inner happiness is the experience of personal pleasure, through the senses in one way or another. Sensory experiences are limited and focused on something or someone external, although the senses are the outer gateways to the inner world. Personal pleasure evolves into emotional pleasure, when shared with others – such as our romantic partners or family. Then in the highest sense we connect with the source of beauty and love itself, the entire creation / ourself.

Venus problems show where our personal desires, create a lot of attachment and suffering, at the expense of more eternal forms of beauty – where we sell out God for a piece of chocolate.


Jupiter is the planet of great teachings and the grace that comes through them through our teachers, and through life itself. Jupiter is the “wisdom” which comes through experien5197142699_64a327fc7bce. In the highest sense this wisdom comes after we test and experiment those things that we believe to be true (Mercury). After curiosity draws us into a situation, whatever wisdom we have accumulated is revealed and refined.

Authentic Jupiterian wisdom is usually not forgotten. It often refers to the best person has to offer. You will see Jupiter in those moments when it would be just as easy to be ungraceful or petty, but instead generosity and selflessness prevails.

The counterfeit version of Jupiter are the things we believe to be true, our untested philosophies and dogmas. We trot out these bromides when it is convenient for the ego to avoid looking at itself. And yet, in those moments when we are tested, and we have nothing to gain from the situation anymore, how graceful and forgiving are we?

Jupiterian problems show how we BS ourselves into thinking we have integrated more wisdom than we actually have. It can show an unintegrated philosophy bypassing the difficult work of dealing with people who disagree with us, etc.

Cancer Rashi

Cancer is the sign of the heart, related to the breasts, which are both related to a mother’s milk/selfless love and sexual attractiveness and pleasure. Those are potent metaphors for what “feeds us”. When we are fed by things that are pure (Sattwic), a selflessness emerges.  When we are fed by things that are more passionate (Rajasic), there’s more focus on sharing pleasure with others. Venus is a Rajasic planet and brings this intention.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in Cancer is a convergence of these ideas. Finding beauty in the great wisdom traditions is possible. Also, connecting with people for higher purposes other than mutual benefit. Both Jupiter and cancer are Sattwic, motivated toward a higher purpose. However, that higher purpose can also bypass the process of connecting with others. Venus is more passionate, driven first by personal pleasure – then later evolving it toward the sublime.

saraswati-sitting-on-her-vahana-swan-CJ24_lHamsa Yoga – The Swan – Goddess Saraswati Yoga

A powerful Jupiter in a natal chart is called a Hamsa Yoga. Hamsa means “Swan”. This is a beautiful form to ponder at this time. The symbol of the Swan is one of elegance and grace gliding across the surface of existence. You can see the false image of the world reflected in the water. The gliding Swan does not disturb that image, nor is it affected. The waters of the world do not stick to its feathers.

The swan will occasionally dip its beak into the lake for nourishment, but only takes from the water what it needs. A swan has the capacity to separate milk from water, just as we need the discrimination to separate good teachings from bad teachings.

The white color of the Swan symbolizes purity, and its sleek design and beauty fascinate the heart and mind. This one is the symbol of Goddess Saraswati, the daughter of Lord Brahma – who wrote the Vedas and who is the source of higher wisdom and purity.

The other deities, Shiva and Vishnu, are with their wives. But lord brahma is with his daughter, Saraswati.

Vàgadhìsvarì Sàradè varadàyinì

Vàgadhìsvarì Sàradè varadàyinì
Catur vèdarùpini vànmayì amriteshwari
“O Goddess Sarada (Saraswati), Goddess of speech, dispenser of boons, You are the embodiment of the four Vedas and the essence of sound, O immortal Goddess.”

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