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Week Ahead: Head, Face, Teeth Pain?

Filed in News by on August 5, 2012 • views: 2222

On Monday, the Moon is in Pisces. Then is moves into Aries for Tuesday – Thursday. Friday – Sunday we have an exalted Moon in Taurus. There will be some twists and turns and some heavy Mars aspects for most of the week – as the Moon moves through Pisces and Aries. So, relationships may be hard for much of the week. Not to mention the Saturn / Moon opposition Monday and Tuesday.

There is a close Mars / Saturn conjunction, that is applying closer and closer this week – as Saturn is changing signs. This could be bringing a certain amount or pain in different parts of the Body, but especially leading to headaches, jaw and teeth pain – as Aries is aspected.

The Planets and Pain

Saturn is actually the planet that related to pain – both physical and emotional. Saturn has a drying effect and one that brings pressure and stiffness.

Mars is also a pain-inducing planet, bringing a throbbing, swelling effect that causes fevers and discomfort.

These two planets close together this week, especially with both of them aspecting Aries, the sign of the head, can definitely produce some pounding symptoms.

Also, given that they are in Libra, the lower back, groin and intestinal area can also be susceptible to some throbbing pain.

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