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Filed in Videos by on May 8, 2008 • views: 1498

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Here are Benefits of the Gold Membership.


golGOLD LEVEL – Enhanced Student Membership – 39.95 / Month (Everything in Bronze and Silver Levels)

1. 16 Detailed Video Forecasts Each month a. General overview – Learn the Overall dynamic at play so you can align with the cosmic lessons each day. b. Relationship Overview – Maintain the connection c. Career Overview – Keep Moving Toward Your Goals d. Spiritual Overview – keep growing Spiritually (19.97 After your 1 cent – Two Week Trial) B. Access to Articles and Videos all in one place PLUS: 1. Special New Moon video to align with the Monthly lesson. a. A general forecast and one for all 12 signs will be discussed. Stay focused on the correct life lesson each month. 2. Full Moon Forecast video to align your heart and balance the monthly goals. a. A general forecast and one for all 12 signs will be discussed. Stay Connected and balanced each month 3. (At least) 1 Monthly Conference Call to ask me questions 4. Special “15 minute reading” Discount.


* Monthly Fee Deducted from Class Prices (Current Class – Rahu and Ketu) * One new class from my Universal Astrology Classes every two weeks * Many other free and exclusive classes when you join in addition to the Universal Astrology classes. * Access to my students only yahoo group.

Only 39.95 Per Month – after 14-Day Trial (for 1 penny)


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